Moving On Or Not?

901401442I am going haywire. I am losing it. I have moved on in my head but my heart has not moved an inch since you left. You were right when you said I didn’t do enough to keep you. You probably saw it as my duty to make all the efforts while your lounged around the country, thumbs up ma!

I try to move on but you are still in my heart. This heart feels like a bin and needs a vacuum cleaner but I can’t even afford one. I was still trying to find my feet when you discarded me. Your excuse was that you were putting me out of my misery? Well, you have made me even more miserable but I still breathe. I have been on my toes lately but I have still not found my feet. Why do I feel you will be around when I will be lowered 6-feet below ground level? Why do I feel you are gonna shed crocodile tears on that day? Wondering how I know all these? Are you not that petty coward who couldn’t wait?

I know the reason you left. You went for the highest bidder. You jog the length of the bridge daily but you couldn’t even exercise patience. You felt I had run out of luck and so you ran away. I have still not moved on but I will. I hear time heals and I bought a couple more wristwatches. You feel you wasted your time being with me? I feel used and dumped.

You moved to another continent but I have still not moved on from loving you. I doubt time heals but I am certain time will tell if you made the right decision. Till we meet again, bless!

Horse Thing


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