Boss Turned Boo

09t67i8-e9qLike you all, I started from the bottom but now my boss wants to be my side-chick. She doesn’t mind sharing, all she wants is a piece of her sidekick.

She wipes the dust off my shoulder as I wonder how to get out of this trap. She is forever ready to deal with my crap. Even her fiance is a fan, he keeps calling me without uttering a word. He stays feeling anonymous but I deciphered the plot a long time ago.

I don’t think my boss wants me for keep, I think she is only trying to dig deep because ‘body no be firewood’. I know this because she breaks all the rules but when it comes to her cash, she becomes conservative. She doesn’t want to ‘catch feelings’ and that must be the reason she is keeping it simple.

I won’t even lie, I like to tap her arse but I love my boss’s purse even more. She loves the pipe and want’s the pie but she ain’t in any mood for any ‘pipe-sucking’ from her beloved employee. Who dey buy, who dey sell?

This evening I took the chocolate bar to her house else I will be sacked dead-meat at dawn.

Horse Thing

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