Average Graduates And Their Prostitution

First off; the phrase “average” is a euphemism for mediocrity. Mediocrity on the other hand is a decision or circumstantial decision to remain below par.
On a generic sense, “Prostitution”, simply connotes the art of leg opening by a woman with the aim of being a benefactor of pocket filling by the man or vice versa. “Leg opening in this context obviously does not mean the normal spreading of legs for ease or relaxation. That is not the case of this piece. In this case, there are three arms of prostitution. Viz; Religious prostitution, Job prostitution and dream prostitution.
An average Nigerian girl who is aesthetically buoyant and has probably graduated from one tertiary institution embraces the norm that she is incomplete without a man in her life. As fate may have it, she may wield a very ugly character that is a repellant to any man she comes across or vice versa. Her next line of action is to indulge in religious prostitution; she walks from church to church, from prayer house to prayer house opening the legs of her mind for different pastors and seers to thrust in and out of her mind with un-relating prophecies and predictions. After several thrusts from several pastors and seers, she would notice that no serious solutions have been proffered. She continues the practice because quitting prostitution isn’t a walk in the park; hence, she continues gallivanting from one church to the other until she loses value or until a fresher breed of religious prostitutes covers the scene and drowns her.
I refuse to believe the societal stereotype that homogenizes prostitution to only the feminine nation. Please, I beg to disagree. There are male whores; there are male sluts and all what not. Regrettably, their type of prostitution is somewhat eclectic.
Painfully, the prostituting of men is that which is often done wearing a “forced-corporate-attire” with a seriously bent-heeled shoe.
A young Nigerian young man with piece of paper qualification would forever see that piece of paper with a letter heading of a university as a leverage. Miserable leverage! He would go further to protect that paper from rats and its cohorts by laminating his paper qualification and leaving his mind and conscience at the mercy of worse rats who masquerade as managers and interview panelist. These managers are grievous violent wolves who are not apologetic in anyway. They monkey around hanging their shoulders higher than the Eiffel tower. They lay ambush for young job-seekers who they will rape his or her mind. After the vicious mind rape, these young men would bleed frustration, heal and go to another firm and once more submit the backside of their minds at the mercy of those managers to thrust yet again. The chain is quite a long chain that goes round and round.
It is equally painful to see the glaring truth in the fact that this country is littered with young people who indulge in dream prostitution. Today, they dream of being bankers, keeping their face as serious as they can keep it. First thing tomorrow morning, they shake their head and say “engineering or nothing”. Next weekend after a music show, you see them jumping from studio to studio calling themselves “upcoming artistes” with chains dangling from their necks as though the wearing of chain is a proof of being a good artiste.
About the ladies? Today its mass-communication because they want to bear the tag ‘OAP’ and speak long grammar on radio no matter what is being said. Tomorrow when their former classmate or a friend of a friends friend wins a beauty contest you will see them scampering for modeling forms doing many stuff simply to emerge the first three. They dream to be miss this or miss that forgetting that they are already “Miss Confusion”.
Furthermore, when a woman from somewhere begins to preach the gospel of ‘self employment’ simply because she has made her money by capitalizing on the masses’ immortal appetite of gossip cum latest gist. Then, our Nigerian sisters rush to open blogger accounts because madam A is making a living out of blogging. Oh! So pathetic.
Nobody wants to do his/her own stuff. They all want to do because A did and it’s working pretty fine. When it doesn’t work as A’s own worked, they consider doing what F is doing. Hereby being a career prostitute yet they snap their fingers and heave their shoulders when they see those runs girls with their bodies bare and their breasts enjoying independence. They squint their faces in disgust not knowing that they are of all humanity most disgusting.
Finally, I urge Nigerian youths to use their common sense although the situation of the country at the moment seems to be draining the remains of our common senses. Feed your dreams and starve your frustrations. Will you die if people work for you? No is the answer. Follow your heart and think for yourself. Do not let your friends think on your behalf. Think your own thoughts and not the thoughts of others.

Osuchukwu Mark Anthony is a young writer with a wit to adore. You may wish to reach him at markanthonyfoundation@gmail.com

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu

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  1. Wow! I love this write up.When I began to read it,no,when I read the title should be more accurate, I thought I was going to read about the normal prostitution I know which is one having sexual intercourse for monetary or material reasons but I was overwhelmed.
    I never knew there was any other kind of prostitution.
    Kudos! I really learnt from it. Thanks for sharing this information/ knowledge.

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