Grown Man, Plenty Worries

20130720_100143Can you really say you are keeping it real when Mom still pays your bills and still buys you briefs? How cool is it for you to act good so as to get recharge vouchers from Dad?

Are you tired of crying in the dark and being a man at dawn? Are the walls of your heart lubricated with tears you shed within? Have you given up totally on your country, your future, your cries to God and all you ever cared for? People consider you a living corpse?

Have you ever realized that it is how you feel about yourself that matters the most? Has it dawned on you that you can embrace your failure, get uncomfortable but grow from there? Do you realize that if you keep working hard and smart each day, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself? Do you understand that the skies just take time to align sometimes?

Have you not realized people will mock you for being dependent? Ignore them. Can you show me one man who is really independent? Lying spirits everywhere! We are all heal and in need of cure from various ailments. Would you just live and stop existing?

Horse Thing

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