I Love You So…Bye

I’m so sorry I cannot be the man you prayed for.
I know you love me and I know the Lord can save us.
I know we can start from walking before we start to make runs.
But it ain’t as easy as those preacher dey talk.
But just don’t think I dont love you enough.
Truth is if not for love, I will try to let you stay more.
Cos you make me happy and make my burden lighten.
You seem to have the power to fix my heartache.
That’s why it hurt so much to tell you, go away.
Please you have to understand, I can barely feed me.
Right now I can’t recall when last I fed well.
I’m still owing the Mama-put for my junction.
And last I checked, no manna was falling.
So I have to focus 100 plus percent until I get a job.
Focus 100 plus until I can earn some bucks.
And being with you go just dey divert my gaze.
And I can’t afford to bring a child to this world.
All I can give him is advice and pep talks.
Or when you ask me for money to go shop I go talk with cracked voice
or dey form dumb.
No, I love you too much , I wont let you suffer.
So I have to let you go to meet someone better.
Cos together we are like birds in our own cages.
We deserve better , baby we have to fly away.

Chuck Norris

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