About To Wed

If you treat me badly and I pay you with good, it isn’t because you deserve *#it. It is simply because I deserve peace. That’s the very reason you deserve to dump conventions too. Don’t delve into a project just because of peer pressure and societal expectations. If you get trapped in the mud tomorrow, your peers and the society might splash more on your danshiki rather than come to your rescue. You came alone, you die alone.

See ehn? Marriages are supposed to be an eternal project but weddings are capital-intensive projects and carnivals of late. Or the society has at least made it so. If you honestly don’t feel ready, don’t go there. My dear jobless friends, love never bought any baby diapers or a cradle. Life gets really difficult and you need to be super-prepared to go to war or it becomes a suicide mission. You can’t build a home if you have not built yourself. You can’t take of a family if you can’t take care of yourself. Marriage brings luck? Don’t be deceived by your uncles and aunts. Please you can’t bank on luck. Don’t you see how they all fled when you asked for funds to kick-start your biz but are now so willing to donate big bucks for your wedding ceremony? That’s how they will all flee after the wedding. No man leaves his family to feed another man’s. When the gbedu comes on, you dance alone.

You see this life ehn? No be by gidi gidi. You set crazy targets for yourself because your bestie just left bachelorhood or spinsterhood? You must be crazy. You certainly don’t know half of your bestie’s story. You probably don’t know how much that your friend might be wishing to be single again. Marriage is a really beautiful and blessed institution but could be a cursed one too. Hold your side first and make sure you are ready. Ladies may be quick to blame their anxieties, fears and impatience on what they call ‘biological clock’ but they forget Janet Jackson gave birth to her first child at the age of 50. The guys claim they want to grow with their kids but forget that’s not all life is about.

Trust yourself and maintain your lane!

Horse Thing


  1. So true…. Weddings have become carnivals of late with less couples actually focusing on their marriage.

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