90s Baby

“Happy 2017.

If you have things mapped out, follow through.

If you have no plans, make some.

It’s a new cycle around the sun. Life is short. Do something noble and make it count.

May the force be with you.”

That’s the SMS I got from a friend and former school mate on New Year Day. Of course, this was the best sort of message to propel me into another 365 days of uncertainties but endless possibilities. Funny thing is my friend who sent the text is like myself, a 90s baby. As a matter of fact, we are age mates but he is way smarter.

Whenever I am getting carried away all through this year, those words will gently pierce my heart and throw me back to reality. We are no longer kids and the earlier we realize it, the better for us. If you were born in the 90s, you will agree with me that you often believe you are a kid but certain situations arise that make you realize old age beckons.

It gets worse for those of us who escaped being born in the late 80s but arrived in the early 90s and still believe we are kids at this time. Just check what your mates in other countries are up to and you would definitely feel the need to step up. Oh yes, Nigeria is this, that and all whatnot but have you been able to do anything for yourselves despite those challenges?

Will the sleeping giants wake up from their slumber soon or will it remain business as usual? God bless you for the message K.K. God bless other 90s babies too as they epp themselves.

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