Love plc.

They thought 💭 I fell off and they left quickly? My clip is now being played at every saloon, my tape at every pub. Little did they know it was only a blip. Even those who sipped from my cup and shared a kiss with me now have my gist on their lips.

The good news is that they will be right back after the ups and downs. Rejecting them upon their return won’t be right or wrong. You can pick and choose but keep your 👀 eyes open. Look at you! Just when I was considering taking you to my Mama, you ran off to who you considered the perfect option. You forgot that not all that glitters is gold. You got laid, dumped and emotionally bruised. What did you really expect, a perfect cruise? You stay cursing but I swear your greed cost you so much.

I stayed dreaming, you got tired of a dreamer but now your life’s a nightmare Ma. You made me fear love. Dating is now a topic that scares me. Love no longer has a definition. Sometimes it’s all business.The highest bidder is the most romantic.

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Horse Thing

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