Sometimes you begin to wonder if you have grown a cold heart. Sometimes you feel just like a beast, a wolf in sheep clothing and a few other ways. You wonder why you are no longer sympathetic to the plight of your fellow common man. Could it be the economy that has hardened your heart or you are just channeling your frustration to the less privileged in the society?

Well, some other times you wonder why there are so many stranded people in Eko. Sometimes you brush your thoughts aside as flimsy excuses for your stinginess. Other times, you pick up those same thoughts as you need something to hold on to. If you think about it again, i will dawn on you that we are all stranded in one way or the other.

The hospitals are shut. Schools are in a state of decadence. New malls everywhere but the salary never increases. Young men and women are imprisoned but the right steps are not taken to curb crime. Stupid and unnecessary levies and taxes are thrown the way of small business owners. Churches grow but the congregation suffer despite all the tithe they pay. The churches build schools that their members cannot afford. If you ask questions, they tell you to try ignorance.

We are all stranded. Poverty has turned you and I into vegetarians and the butcher is left to suffer. Be nice to the next man if you feel the need to. Play the fool sometimes because everyone is scamming everyone else so bad that even the honest ones suffer too for the distrust which has become a legal tender.

Horse Thing

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