Erection Denied

You claim she doesn’t love you enough but you hate yourself a lot. You love to shag a lot but your bag is empty. Even your account balance reads negative yet you want to dance with the bank manager’s daughter. You never get to ball but you got balls to get into fruitless brawls.

Brother, you are from the gutter but you got so much guts. You want to smack her arse but your hand is stained with mud. You want to share the rod but she is off for a meeting abroad. Poverty has become your room mate but you flaunt eggplants and hunger-induced abs on Instagram. You have no source of income, how come you conveniently have erections so often. Your brain grew between your legs?

You got no job because all you have ever applied for have been blow-jobs. You don’t want to bite the dust but you keep acting lost. You don’t play in her league, you have not gained promotion. If you don’t pay attention to your immediate concerns, you will suffer further relegation.

Even your sister won’t marry a man like you and you know it. But you would rather fuck than work. Put-ins have become your hobby and you got no plans to be a hubby. You love to rush her, she is off to Russia. You love to put-in but you fail to pull out after asking for ‘just the tip’. You get her pregnant thinking that’s the surest way to marry a rich kid. Her Dad’s thinking of how to make you bleed or may be the surest way to kill a pauper. He won’t have an in-law who ranks low in the society. He pulls out his pistol and everything goes blank.

Horse Thing


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