Musings of the boy next door

You’ve Got Mail

A ping, a notification. Today is the day.
So, I quickly packed my things. I’m off to the place .
Jumping buses, avoiding people. You know Lagos traffic.
2 hours later, I am walking away from the gate.
My head is banging, tears swirling in my eyes.
I wish my head was clear like the bag I forgot which contains my files.
Maybe this man for see say im be Brutus to this Ceasar cos he is sentencing me to death for no crime.

“I swear I passed the test, I swear I got the mail.
“I printed it out but forgot to pick it while in a rush.
“Please, let me show you on my phone so you’ll know i got the mail.
“I even got the best result among all that applied.”

But ‘NO PRINT OUT, NO ENTRY’ was the sign.
So deep down, I know say I been dey waste my time.
The longer I talked, the shorter he paid attention.
People just kept walking pass me with their papers
Those that had no paper gave him some ‘paper’.
But i had none to give, I had no dime.
I was losing my mind, but I am a man. I couldn’t cry.
Na so I lose the opportunity I don dey pray for?
All the time I have spent to prepare just loss?
All the money i spent for lessons just burn?
Just one to go and it is all crashing down?
So I started to think and walk away from the gate.

Another ping, another mail. Interview postponed!

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