Pepper Dem Queen

She stays flashy but forgets to stay hungry. Bisi believes her lies and forgets her root in a hurry. She stays bullish on social media but all she flaunts online belongs to someone offline. Is it not just a matter of time before the owner ‘leaves thrash for LAWMA’ and dumps her sorry arse? Would she back to the basics or to the drawing board like NFF?

For some, fiction has become reality. They never wag their tails, they have got everything tucked in like the ex-First Lady. They are off to Spain for an all expense-paid vacation and a stellar weekend but like the ex-First Lady, some never come back alive. Everyday is a feast on Bisi’s Snapchat. ‘How she take blow?’ her followers keep wondering . She joined the Pepper Dem Gang not minding her eyes being hurt. She is an ulcer patient but she simply doesn’t give a damn.

They say fake it till you make it, Bisi faked it and forgot to make it. These days she wanders aimlessly with nothing to fall back on despite years of service to the Pepper Dem Gang. She has not stopped wondering but she is never going to see the truth. Bisi got blinded but no go reason amna pepper cause am.

Horse Thing

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  1. Too bad for Bisi she got peppered. Funny thing is there are so many Bisi’s out there. I hope they come across #thisjoblessboy before……

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