I Resemble Your Papa?

A baby dumbo rat is eating a fast food meal.

If I hustle my money, you go follow me chop am.
Na me bring you come Lagos, shey I look like your father?
Shey I look like your mother? Shey I look like your brother?
So why you gum me like hot rubber?
Why you come be like plaster?

From visit, you don turn to tenant.
Wey no dey pay rent or contribute to food.
The small 30k I dey collect now, I got split in two.
You go chop 20k, I barely see the 10k sef .
Cos before I close from work, na so so dirty plate.
You don chop left, right, center, face belle for up.
Then tell me God bless me with a bottle of malt.

Yes, we are friends but e mean say I go carry your cross?
When my own dey heavy me and I can barely walk.
Even Jesus Christ sef need help at some point.
But me mere human, you wan pass me your buck.
Any day I start to vex, you go hold me for work.
With the story of how you help me for school when we were young.
Say now I wan abandon you cos you no go get work?
Na so my body go do like who dey pour ice block.
I go start to apologize; ‘no vex , no be like so. I just for like…’
Na so that day go take go .
Tick tock, tick tock, days of your visit don turn to nine months ago.
Even pregnancy sef no dey pain reach like this.

Cos while monkey dey work, na you dey chop.
But no be just wetin dey pain me sef when I look at us.
It hurts knowing this is where we ended at.
After all the dreams and aspirations we had.
This is what we suffered for in school?
The base of the pyramid? The bottom of the pot?
When I think of it, I just get sad.
Well I can do that later, first I need tell this guy to pack.

Chuck Norris


  1. So many of Your write up are things i relate to everyday thank God i came across you guys lot of love

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