Riding On Tonto’s Wig

Those who live in glass houses throw the most stones. They really don’t care about a reprisal. Even if their glasses get shattered, they are content with the fact that they also inflicted pain. Skulls and bones in our cupboard but we focus more on the screams in the neighborhood. We pray for peace but stay poking our noses in every other person’s business.

“She is a bad girl, she is never going to find a husband”. She defied the odds and got herself a Prince. “She won’t have a child, her womb must have been damaged”. Once again, she defied the odds and became a mum. At that point, some of us gave her an ultimatum. Some of you hoped and wished her marriage won’t last long. You all prayed Mr. X will soon become her ex. Well, your wishes seem to be coming true right now. Go ahead, invite your friends and throw a big party.

But it seems you all want more than a party. You want to kick-start a fresh career over another man’s misfortune. Na on top Tonto matter una wan dey form holy? I see relationship counselors rising from every corner. I see the nuggets of wisdom you all are spreading around. Well done dear wise ones. I see how organised and beautiful your lives are. You all are in paradise and all that is needed now is riding on Tonto’s wig, taking it off, getting into her head and making her a better person. It doesn’t matter if you are all sick, what matters is the fact that you all consider yourself doctors.

Such a beautiful world we live in.

Horse Thing

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