Aboki Nwayo

Na tomatoes carry me go market oooo. All I could think of was the stew I would prepare when I get back home.

‘Oga e don tey ooo. You travel?’ I asked the Aboki who I had come to know as the retailer of the freshest tomatoes and pepper in the local market around my hood.

‘I go Kano to go see my people,’ he responded with that smile which endeared me to him.

‘Abeg give me 200 Naira tomato and 100 Naira pepper,’ I said while pointing at the ones I considered the biggest and freshest.

‘Ah, this one wey you dey buy small market today,’ Aboki said while wearing a knowing smile.

‘Na recession cause am o. By the way, I just wan arrange small stew wey I go use chop rice,’ I tried to justify my meager expenditure.

‘Hope say na your woman dey come help u cook the stew,’ Aboki inquired.

‘I never get girlfriend oooo. I no need woman to cook for me. I fit take care of myself’.

‘Haba! You need woman ooo. No be just to dey fuck around. E go good if you keep one woman wey go dey come help clean, cook and fuck for weekends.’

At this point I was almost certain that Aboki either had plans to piss me off or he was just super-excited today. I urged him to tie the nylon bag containing the fresh tomatoes and pepper. As he tied the knot, he just kept talking.

‘You want make I help you find girlfriend? Walahi, if we stand here for 30 minutes, I go fit give you like five girls.’

I faked a smile before making it clear that I needed to go and cook asap.

‘Maybe I go come back later in the evening so that we go fit find the girlfriend together,’ I suggested.

Aboki was wearing a broad smile now. ‘You go come true true?’ he inquired.

I nodded my head and walked away quickly.

‘I go dey wait. Maybe around 6,’ he screamed.

As I disappeared into thin air, I could only hope that he was a very patient man as he was in for a very long and tiring wait.

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  1. Again… Stereotypes. You need a woman to cook,clean and have sex because according to social dispositions, these are what women should do.

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