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Rules Of Engagement

Proposals and engagements are very necessary for all couples-to-be. What’s even the difference between proposals and engagements? I still can’t separate both. However, I am of the opinion that proposals and engagements do not even require the carnival-like ceremonies that come with it in this part of the world. Did someone just say poverty is speaking through me? Well, if I could write the rules man/woman should ask woman/man simple questions like:

i) You go marry me?

ii) We dey compatible?

iii) Can we grow beyond this our relationship sef?

iv) Is this boyfriend and girlfriend thing not our limit?

v) Can we build a home together?

vi) Are we just letting the pressure from parents and peers get to us?

vii) If we agree to become one, wetin we go gain from making it public?

Many more questions could have made the above list but that will bore you. What’s my point really? You can be romantic without proposing at a dinner date, at the center of the mall, putting a ring in his/her ice-cream (you want to kill him/her?), buying out an entire cinema hall, arranging flowers on the bed and having your friends hide behind the curtain, and all that crazy stuff you normal people do.

What about putting that ring on his/her finger while he/she is asleep? What about not buying a ring at all? Did someone just say I am mad? Well, you are going to buy a wedding ring eventually. What then is the essence of an engagement ring? For show-off or just merely conforming to what has become a norm? If you must conform to everything which appears to be a norm, you better be stinking rich.

Has anyone of you heard/read about the The Three Months Gross Salary Rule. Stupid rule in my maybe honest opinion. Wondering what it is? Let me break down really quick. The rule simply states that you have to spend an amount worth your 3 months of your gross salary on an engagement ring. You still don’t understand what I mean? Let me further break it down. If a guy/lady earns ₦400,000 monthly, he/she must spend at least ₦1,200,000 on an engagement for his/her heartthrob.

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Abeg make I laugh belleful joorh. So if I buy a lady an engagement ring worth ₦1,200,000, she will happily wear it and walk around. You want to wear a full plot of land in Ikorodu on your finger? To prove what? If I am told to spend three months salary on an engagement ring, how much will I spend on a wedding ring?

Too many ceremonies these days, little essence. Pre-wedding shoot, engagement ceremony, bridal shower, bachelors’ eve, baby-bump photo shoot, baby shower …What else?

Una wehdon! Kuku kill us.

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    Well said…you just spoke out my mind.

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