Osiso Osiso

You cannot run faster than your shadow, that’s what my mama said.
But Osiso Osiso na I dey hear inside my head .
I need to get ahead, who cares if I beat the gun.
But all I hear is, “God’s time is the correct one.
“No be who first build house dey build the best.
“Little drops of water na im dey form the well.”
Fuck that , I plug my earphone back in my ear.
I’m tired of listening, before they succeed to fully turn me to a tortoise with all these shells,
They shoot these kinds of talks at me.
Wanting me to crawl like I am the one who deceived Eve .
I want to run, then fly, then touch the sky, then go beyond until I turn a star.
Not this talk of ‘God knows your time’.
Na this talk I go take build house, marry and buy a ride?
When my G wey dey do G don buy G wagon in six months.
Six months wey I dey work, my salary never complete 3 months.
Another just dropped me off from his new Lexus,
2018 model , 4 wheel drive ,two exhausts .
I still dey here dey argue with this my rude landlord.
Every month, he dey increase rent, dey form big boss.
But these my guys dey stay hotel for months.
While you dey tell me to improve my savings culture?
Na me suffer pass? Na me plan pass?
Na me wan be leader of tomorrow pass?
I don buy laptop. I get appointment with my guy.
I wan flex for earth , in case no reward dey wait for heaven.

Chuck Norris

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