The 1 Percent

How many months before you get bored?
Talking and sexing the same broad.
How long before you succumb?
To the girl who has been eyeing you at work.
How long before you run out of styles?
The doggy, missionary, scissors then what?
How long before you can’t perform?
You were a stallion now she jots when you bang.
Don’t you worry, it is not your fault.
The stats say the same story for 99% of us.
We meet. We love. We peak, then fall.
But somehow we all want to be the 1%.
That meet, then love, then love forever more.
And never get tired of each other for once.
That type of love we see in the movies.
Not real life adaptation, fiction of course.
That’s where the relationship bar is set, in wonderland.
But the truth is this, we can’t all be 1%.
Simple mathematics, but we pretend.
Setting bars so high.
So the greater the fall, the higher the divorce rates, dissatisfaction and all.
But until we realize we are just part of the 99%, we will never be happy with our odds.

Chuck Norris

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