Blame Dorsey. Blame Zuckerberg. Blame Spiegel.

The # is now more than just another sign on our phone pads and keyboards.

Everyday, a new hashtag; some solid, others simply stupid. Your surrounding is messed up but you would rather complain than clean up. Too many online movements, many with little substance.

Every-time I hung out with you, your eyes were glued to your phone. Every-time we shared a bed, you tried to sneak in Snap-chat and Instagram stories. Every-time you saw a mirror, your camera came on. You are still wondering why I now keep a distance? I can give you more instances but there’s no need really.

Just the other day, I was your #MCM. Few days later, you called me scum. Now, you call me trash. You deserve some thrashing for your inconsistencies but that will mean giving credence to your folly. I drop my belt and begin to wonder who really raised you.

Sometimes you forget that the terrible experiences you face do not mean everyone’s life is also a horror movie. There are bad men and there are bad women. There are great men and there are great women. If you have never been lucky, keep searching.  If the search goes on for too long, embark on some soul-searching. You might just be the your own problem after-all, so beware of hasty-generalizations.

Trust me, I want to be perfect but I am only human. Yesterday, I was your champion. Today, I am your preacher. Tomorrow, I just might be trash.

You really should have the waste management authority on speed dial or forever remain quiet.


Horse Thing

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