Go Offline

Spreading jam on bread is quite a task really. Only one thing seems tougher lately and that’s staying off social media. Social media has moved from just being a source of entertainment to a way of life, a profession and an entire planet on its own.

It is now commonplace to see people wake up and go to bed with their phones. The addiction to social media is worse than that for any drug. We are all online and we are fast losing concentration as we drive further away from reality. People are carefully curating their lives in the way the want for social media. What this means is that many people now have two version of their lives; the one they are actually living and the one they wrote, produced and directed for their various social media accounts. Are you addicted to social media? Do you often feel lonely and dejected as you go through your social media timelines. Has your attention be fragmented as a result of your social media usage?

Social media can really be fashionable and super-relevant but does it necessarily offer happiness? If you can’t totally stay away from social media, would it be possible to go offline for a few hours in a day and the world will not come crumbling? Social media makes us unsocial and reclusive in more than a way. Are we fast becoming prisoners to the cellphones we bought with our stolen hard-earned money?

That old schoolmate of yours who is always looking fly on Instagram and Snapchat might just be going through his worst bout of penury. That Instagram comedian you envy might just be going through his worst bout of depression. That colleague who live-streamed her engagement to bae might be the unhappiest lady in the continent right now. What’s horrible about social media is that help, assistance or aid rarely comes to you because you always tend to claim that all is well because on social media everyone says “I’m okay”.


But does any real stuff ever happen on social media? You may find your future wife, hubby or job on these online platforms but you have to go offline to make the marriage happen and pan out fine. You have to go offline to get the job done.

You may belong to various Facebook groups where drug-use is discussed but you have got to go offline to get that free-smoke.

You can wank to pictures and videos you see on Snapchat and Instagram but you must go offline to get that quality sex.

You can compose the nicest tweets but you have to go offline to do some charity work.

Living a scripted life is such a herculean task. Life is simpler offline. No one dies online, betrayals and burials happen offline.

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