Teardrops On My Pillow

Come down from that throne. ‘Be a man’ is a trap. How do you heal when you are broken? It makes no sense to fake tears and screams but it is no crime to find the best way to heal. Feel free to rant if it will make you feel lighter and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty. Feel free to hold your napkin tight and sob if it will make you feel better.

Nobody knows the reasons for the teardrops on your pillow. No one has got the right to blackmail you. Who said men don’t cry? Why said big girls don’t cry? Tell Fergie it’s fine to be a small girl. Tell the next man it’s alright to be a boy. Let it be clear that pain is part of life. Let the sea of tears wash away the pains and cleanse your eyes. It’s fine not to be fine. He that is down fears no fall. It can only get better no matter what people say. Everything is going to be alright if we prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

No one is going to hurt you more than that ‘close friend’. No one is going to break your heart if they didn’t own a part of it previously. Soak up your pillow with those teardrops when the need arises but remember to sun it later. Don’t be a man, be human. Let your soul gravitate to the love but don’t forget hate might come your way still.

No fears, you were born ready!

Horse Thing

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