Mr. Nice Guy

They can’t tell you nothing! Nice Guy knows every lady in Lagos, ladies who don’t even know his name. Nice Guy’s Instagram game is lit but that’s where it probably ends as his techniques are lame. Nice Guy stays sliding into DMs hoping that his mission is fruitful like that of Banky but all attempts end in futility. Nice Guy’s gallery contains the photos of all sorts of ladies and women aside from that of his mother and sisters.

Once Mr Nice Guy gets paid, he fiddles with his phone until he gets through to a couple of ladies who will help him squander his meager salary. Of course, ladies who previously ignored his calls are now suddenly available. Mr Nice Guy smiles and begins to jump from pillar to post. Nice Guy knows the movies’ schedule better than his Bible passages. He buys the best dresses for the ladies ‘in his life’ but Nice Guy’s boxers is perforated, e be like say cockroach don chop am!

Nice Guy go use enjoyment kill any woman but the sole of his shoe has seen better days. The ladies love Nice Guy when he receives his small salary and also when he becomes a relationship counselor. Mehn, the ladies love to call Nice Guy whenever they are experiencing a rough patch in their relationship. As a heartbroken lady, you only need to flash Nice Guy’s phone number and Oga Nice will load his phone with at least N2000 airtime, dial your number and begin to dish out advice like coconut rice. Trust me, Nice Guy will teach you how to keep your man. Nice Guy knows everything about relationships but the only relationship Nice Guy has been in since he was born is the one he has with his nuclear family.

Everybody claims to love Nice Guy but he is the loneliest soul you have ever met. Do the ladies have mystic powers over him? They somehow always know when he has money on him and begin to call him. Once Nice Guy goes broke, everyone retreats to their various tents. When the money returns, they return and of course, Nice Guy begins to spend again. When buying stuff for ladies, Nice Guy loves to smile. Nice Guy has never bought his mother even a wrapper, he doesn’t feel the need to.

Nice Guy loves to mend broken hearts but his is permanently broken. Nice Guy is too dull to realize that good ladies love bad guys and bad guys love good ladies. Nice Guy is a poor student of Physics. He doesn’t even know what they say of like and unlike poles.

You sef na nice guy?


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