For Better Or Worse

These days now seem like groundhog day.

Same story from everybody, it is getting boring.

Marriage, birth, ‘I want a family..’

Duh! Why are you telling me?

It feels like we all got to decide, if we will push ourselves off the roof and hope to fly.

The voices are getting louder than ever, everyone dey jump enter.

The bandwagon seems to be the only way to survive being ostracized.

So be ready, believe your wings would spread wide on your way down to your grave.

The girls are getting scarce; the ones with good brain.

The only ones left are the ones who ‘give brain’ which I don’t mind.

But then again, the voices start to ask “Do want to get old with no one by your side?”

What is a lion without his Queen and his pride?

So you start to calculate how many girls you have dated and how many are left.

Damn…you got to hurry up before you lose all the lionesses.

But you are still broke. Maybe money should not come before love.

Maybe not, maybe yes, maybe it’s the alcohol talking.

Maybe not, maybe you just need to drink some more to forget about the voices screaming inside your head.

“When will you settle down?” the world will scream at you.

The girls will say “ring for hand, back for ground”.

Your friends running to the altar in droves make you wonder.

“Am I missing something everyone seems to understand?”

Your mum is busy placing wedding articles on your bed while seizing¬†every opportunity to remind you of her friends’ children.

“Chinwe is getting married, Jide’s wife just put to bed,” she would say.

Stories by moonlight told to a man with beard.

When I start to have doubts about what is best, I try to remind myself that the grass ain’t always greener on the other side.

Yea, there is marital bliss but then there is also a hole, a deep hole at that.

The ones inside are screaming for ropes. Some to hang themselves, some to climb out of what they thought would be heaven but turned to a living hell

So when they ask “When is the wedding day?”, let your response be “After the wedding and honeymoon, ma nigga what’s next?”

Chuck Norris

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