Way Too Curious

Too much calls? Prescribe the right dosage.

Stick to the prescription, you call me savage.

Love made me act needy and you took advantage.

Now you call me snobbish but you once dubbed my calls ‘rubbish’.

You acted like a bitch, you asked me to never call until I grew rich.

You went out of my radar, your couldn’t be reached.

I couldn’t offer you a dime. Was that my crime?

The poems I wrote you, you found hilarious.

You said I’m way too curious but you think it’s fun to keep snooping around my phone.

My incessant calls left you furious but you forgot it was simply love.

You needed a dove to tell you how I felt or were you just being greedy?

For years, I was a slave. Now, I hope you are in a better place.

My poverty actually paved way for your misfortune.

Now, you cry on a daily basis. You chose the fast-lane but even that comes with its own thorns.

You made the wrong choice but you shouldn’t suffer your folly forever.

I’m still not rich but not poor. Your greed got you here but you are still welcome home.

If you come back soon, you will still meet an open door.

Just know you won’t have another chance after this.

Till we meet again!


Horse Thing


    • Glad to know you felt the depth. In Iyanya’s words, “when e enter, you go feel am” LOL. Thanks for reading.

  1. I can super relate to this right now just lost a relationship of 3 years just for a simple FACT BEEN BROKE thanks for the write up

    • So sorry about your lost relationship. Being broke will soon be a thing of the past.
      Just keep working hard and remain positive minded.

      Good vibes only!

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