“Fake it till you make it,” they say.
Some fake it so much that they forget to make it.
Some speak in every accent aside from theirs.
They are quick to forget that “if e no be Panadol, e no fit be”.

Some lie so much but can no longer recognize the truth.
The only time they don’t tell lies is when they are intoxicated.
Whenever you try to speak like the next man, he actually detects your folly.
You also make more mistakes because you are busy being too conscious.

Staying true to self is easy but has become a rare virtue lately.
I love Comfort but she is too fake. She lives a false reality always.
However, whenever we lock the door behind us, her borrowed accent flees far away from her.
Her local dialect arrives in shiny armor and takes over.

“I gbuo mu o, biko jiri nwayo nna, Ewooo, biko nna, duo mu o”
Those are some of the things you hear her belt out while she moans.
Just as you can’t bleach some part of your body, you also can’t moan in a borrowed dialect.
When e enter, you go feel am!

Horse Thing

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