I know you are rich but we got to talk.
We have got to put an end to this torture.
How dare you come into my room through my TV and then try to blind me?
You made me look so stupid last night.

After a terrible day in the lungu, I retired home to enjoy the sitcom, My Flatmates.
But you had other plans. You were out to ruin my evening.
It was meant to be another commercial break but it started off like a movie.
You caught my attention at first, little did I know you were about to assault me.

NEPA, PHCN, Eko Distribution tried to salvage the situation by seizing power.
But of course, the overzealous UPS meant the TV stayed on.
I saw a lot of people on my screen.
One man who wore an orange onesie was beginning to irritate him.
My brother trudged away. He needed to check if there was enough petrol in the generator.
I remained patient as I tried to make sense out of the assault I was watching.
My brother filled the generator and wiped off the drops of petrol which had spilled all over.
He put on the generator set after it had coughed and sneezed a couple of times.
He walked into the sitting room and I was still watching this sickening clip.

We have seen you shoot a couple of web series; some great and some very wack.
Are you about to delve into shooting documentaries? The kind of stuff I watched last night?
You are one of those who make us click on ‘Skip Ad’ before the advert even starts.
You make a lot of money from us through service charges and text fees. Can you at least invest properly?
That documentary you call ad won’t inspire anyone to use your short code.

Till we meet again, more oranges to your basket.

Horse Thing

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