Out Of Sight

Out of sight is not out of mind.
But these niggas lied, so don’t be blind.
Keep up the grind, no one around you.
They see you smile, they hide and laugh
They see you cry, they feel fly.

Out of sight is not out of mind.
You are too blind? You just believed?
Oh my… you got deceived.
They will treat you like shit and feed you with lies.
Stay free from bile-duct diseases

They will see you cry but they stay dry.
When they see you down, they catch flights.
They tell you bye and they stay fly.
Then you start to wonder… ‘Were this not the guys who said out of sight isn’t out of mind?’

But never-mind, wipe your tears. No man is God.
Your goldmine awaits you but only at the finish line.
That’s if you conquer your fears.

Horse Thing

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