Emotional Ambush

Chai! What the heck is wrong with me? Why do I keep falling for these kind of girls?

Chichi is a saint, she is never wrong even when it is obvious she is not right.

When she hurts me, I flare up but I eventually end up on my knees. I am the hurt one but I must apologize.

‘I know you did me wrong but I am sorry’. Chichi still won’t accept my pleas but insists she did no wrong.

She would ask for a hangout. She would fix the venue and time. Chichi still won’t show up. When I call, her phone is switched off. When I eventually reach her the next day and make known my displeasure, she gets angry and stays further away.

Chai! What the heck is wrong with me? Why do I keep falling for these kind of girls?

Is Vanessa too blind to see what I feel? Is she too doubtful to believe the love I have got for her. One day she is talking about how she loves receiving a guy’s attention. The next day, she is telling her friends that I am a pest. She wants a good relationship but she keeps the best guys around her as ‘besties’.

Finally, Vanessa has found herself a man. He is a 360-abusive fellow but she keeps managing to stay in that relationship despite the sorrow, tears and blood that flows on a daily basis. Sometimes, she sneaks out to send Whatsapp messages to her ‘besties’.

Individually, they wonder why she never chose them but runs to them for advice at the slightest of opportunities. They are tempted to tell her to leave the abusive relationship but they all don’t want to be dubbed ‘girlfriend snatcher’ when the messages leak.

Bad turns to worse but Vanessa is now getting used to living with a demon. Months later, she is posting pre-wedding photos on social media and sharing invitation cards. ‘Couple-goals’ litters her comment section on Instagram but I pray this hell doesn’t burn her.

Chai! What the heck is wrong with me? Why do I keep falling for these kind of girls?

You have just got love to Judith. She judges every guy that comes her way. She was once an angel but suddenly cut off from her friends especially the guys. Few years later, she ties the nuptial knot after walking down the aisle with poise, elegance and panache. Few weeks later, she starts liking my photos and moon-walking into my DMs. It remains a mystery how Judith has become so friendly again after getting married.

Well, the devil is a liar. I will never be called a ‘wife-snatcher’. I will never be the reason why your marriage will crumble. Kindly maintain your lane after-all if life shows you pepper, use it to cook peppersoup!

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