Sunday Sunday Service

Don’t joke with a Nigerian when it comes to religion. Churches, mosques, and shrines all filled to the brim. We curse, we loot, we steal we kill and then, we worship but the cycle goes on.

For Nigerian Christians, Sundays are really special but are Sunday services meant for just the Word of God and worship?

Here are 5 other reasons why your church is always packed on Sundays:

a.) Generator Wan Tear My Ear

Don’t you get it? I’m simply implying that a lot of people you see in Church on Sunday are just there to get some fresh air, charge their phones and power banks too. All these just because NEPA/PHCN/DISCOs have refused to co-operate.

b.) Fashion Design Week

Most Nigerian are still jobless and the government claims some are even unemployable. Alright, where else can a jobless person easily show off his/her fine clothes? Go to church on Sundays and show them your latest dresses and make bold fashion statements.

For those who have jobs, there are certain things you can’t wear to work. Don’t worry, you can rock it on Sunday and ‘tension them’.

c.) Event Center

Shebi if you can’t pay to get into all these Eko Hotel and Landmark shows, church na free! I hear some Pastors have now made it a point of duty to employ B or even A-list celebrities as ushers in their churches. What this means is easier access to your favorite celebs for free.

d.) Catch My Fish

We now have churches where young ladies go to find suitable suitors and men are on the lookout for the happening babes. This in itself might not be a terrible idea but when that becomes the major or only reason one is in church, something might just be wrong.

e.) Keeping Up

For some, it’s mere routine. As kids, their parents took them to church every Sunday. It is only natural for them to keep up with what has become a part of them.

f.) See My CV oooo

Jobless Nigerians exploit every opportunity to hand out their CVs to possible employers. What better place to play on one’s emotion and ask for a helping hand? As a matter of fact, this has worked out for many. Anyway is a way.

If I missed out on any of the OTHER reasons why Nigerians go to church, let us know in the comment section.


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