For Bookings

Contact me here, contact me there. Yesterday, I was a vixen. Today, I’m a make-up artist. The next day, I’m a model. I’m always available for booking. Looking for my contact details, check my bio.

Sometimes, I sell a lot of things without even understanding what I’m actually offering. I don’t enjoy communicating with strangers but it’s the nature of my job. I might be an introvert but I have got to be available on every social media platform. When it’s time to work, I have got to perform.

No food for a lazy babe, so it’s natural to double my hustle. I was a proper angel but nowadays I have got to gel. I didn’t place myself in this situation, judge me but apply a little compassion. Out there, the competition is getting tougher every day, hence I have gone digital.

For bookings, kindly check my bio. When he says ‘I want to book’, I wonder if he knows the product I’m even marketing. Can he really afford it or is he just mocking me? These days, I see demons who judge me a lot that they begin to feel like saints. They judge me for going about my business with ease. All they want to see is my frown, all they want is to pull me down.

Not to worry, I stand like the rock of Gibraltar. No matter what they say or how they look at me, I won’t change my bio. It will contain ‘For Bookings’ for as long as that puts food on the table and continues to pay the bills. Don’t ask me what I sell, just patronize my business.

When we all die, we will meet somewhere. There, we can properly judge everyone.

Horse Thing

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