Show All Working

Does it really matter anymore?

Who sees the struggle? Who knows the story?

Why bother explaining yourself? Is there anyone out there listening?

Who gives a flying hoot about how you made that cash?

Why do you scream your problems into deaf ears?

Why write that proposal when you know it’s dead on arrival?

But then, you never know. A man got to try right?

Why reach out to that Uncle? You even took his promises seriously?

You have forgotten that not all promises must be kept?

Why take her on a trip memory lane when you can’t afford her vacation?

What do you want to tell her that she has never heard of?

Why list out the litany of your struggles? She finds that boring.

Are you searching for love? Well, she’s staring at your pocket.

You think you have found God-sent? He’s staring at your boobs.

You want him to join in your struggle? Dude’s about the fast-life.

Why put in so much effort? He only wants to cum.

Why leave your door ajar? He might just be a robber.

You think anyone really cares about the struggle?

You seem to forget we live in a result-driven and superficial time.

Why speak about your evolution? Keep that for the history classes.

Any need to show any working?

Sadly, the result is all that matters even if you cheat


Horse Thing

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