Guardian Angel

Indeed, love is beautiful just like many other things.

Can you really say you are in love if you have not shown a bit of folly?

Do you seek love simply because you have come of age?

Are you in love to feel among or compete?

Is it really love when you have to beg for it?

Are you being managed in a relationship?

Did she say YES out of pity?

Did you arm-twist her with that public proposal?

You never want to be apart from the one you love.

Does the one you love feel the same way about you?

Madam, you are always looking for incriminating info against your man?

I promise you, there are always skeletons in the cupboard.

Is love truly blind when you can’t trust blindly?

You stay snooping because you want to possess your possession.

Being a monitoring spirit has become your job description.

When you hold on too tightly, you either lose or crush it.

The comments you drop on his posts to scare away those loose girls might be your undoing.

The threats you spit won’t deter a determined guy from chasing.

Love shouldn’t be tough like Further Maths.

What’s the essence of love if you got to work so hard to keep it alive?

You think you are a guardian angel but you are just ruining it all.



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