Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Guest

Saturdays used to be weddings but now every day goes.

Proposals, engagement, pre-wedding shoot, bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Did you attend all? Ogbeni, calm down!

Who promoted you from senior member committee of friends to family member?

Now you are having sleepless nights over a friend’s wedding.

You love to cry more than the bereaved.

Formal invitation or not, you have sworn to be present at the wedding.

You have sworn to slay at any cost on the wedding day.

You don’t want to be seen as an enemy of progress or sadist, you must be there.

What if your presence brings the couple sadness?

Well, being in attendance is not enough. You have sworn to slay.

You dey save for wedding cloth, hunger dey caress you.

Mr. Money Spender

Wedding day draws nigh and you quickly spend your life savings to look classy.

The wedding is now over and you become the talk of the town.

You even enjoyed more popularity than the couple, thumbs up!

Do not run away when the bills come calling in January.

Remember to pay what you owe with the same energy you invoke when slaying.

Horse Thing

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