We Don’t Give A F!

Your pastor has three private jets and seven cars. Your Imam has the biggest house in Asokoro. Your best musician buys drinks worth thousands of dollars and stupid sneakers he never wears. Politicians pay girls thousands of dollars for five minutes of sex and own stupid mansions in their villages which they never live in. Yahoo boys buy gold chains worth millions and drinks worth 50k a teaspoon. Yet, we act like we care. Sorry, we do not give a fuck.

We do not give a fuck about people below us. We do not give a fuck about people poorer than us. We can stop pretending now. If we actually gave a fuck, we would be chanelling the resources in this world the right way. There would be no poor person in this world. The top 1% have more wealth than the bottom 90%(or more). Everyday the amount of food thrown away is more than the amount of food needed to feed the hungry. The number of empty houses, religious buildings and conference halls are more than the houses needed to house the “homeless”. A Nigerian senator earns more than 20m a month. 20m is 18k (minimum wage) a thousand times plus. So who are we kidding?

Our hypocrisy is beyond belief. I see people saying “Oooh Libya, oooh ooh slave”, fuck that. Nigeria enslaves people everyday. I am a slave to this disaster called a country. I am being auctioned everyday. I have personally talked two people out of commiting suicide because of the ridiculousness of this country and in extension this world. What slavery can be worse than being enslaved in your mind and frustrated to the point you think of ending your life?

But now, everyone wants to end slavery. Boko haram have been enslaving people since before Jesus. We still have the Borno lecturers in bondage but we do not give a fuck. We do not really care, we just want people to see us pretending that we care.

We build big stupid houses with 2000+ rooms that we never stay in because we are always at work. Then after a few years the kids grow up and cannot wait to get out of the 2000 rooms so they can go build their 3000 rooms that they won’t stay in. Then we get sick because of boredom and loneliness. Yet we say, “Ooooh, I wish the government will provide more homes”. Everyday churches get bigger, more beautiful, and spring up everywhere yet some of the members cannot pay rent for places unworthy for cockroaches to live in. Yet we pray for the sick, for the homeless for the poor.

Mosques get more beautiful, more modern but majority of the northern muslim youths are uneducated, poor, confused and lost. We scream “Oooh we need ranches to reduce the killings”. The Imams will never talk about this. The northern elites will never talk about this but they can happily lobby their leaders to sponsor them to Mecca so they can throw stones at a wall. Who are we decieving?

We can go on pretending that our profile pictures will change anything, but we are fooling ourselves.

Let us just agree that this place we call earth is a chaotic jungle led by beasts who eat the sheep slowly enough just so they can keep breeding enough sheep to sustain their addiction.

Chuck Norris

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