Shattered Heart

Sometimes you just want to bury your head in a pillow and weep till your eyes get sore.

Some other times, you just want to cry till your voice is gone.

You then have a rethink and you realize beating yourself up won’t change a thing.

But a voice within you makes your stomach rumble and the guilt builds again.

A sudden flash brings back memories of your childhood and this further messes you up.

You remember all the sacrifices and efforts your parents made to raise you.

You realize you are old enough to be someone’s parent but failure holds you back daily.

It dawns on you that you have still not achieved anything.

The fear of never being able to show gratitude to Mama and Papa grips you.

You make the sign of the cross. In your mind, you cast and bind some demons too.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. In your case, no lemons!

Your parents are aging gracefully but your inability to show appreciation weighs you down.

They never complain and are always willing to help out but you now feel cursed.

Your business partners ask you to be patient but you feel the time is running out.

Your employers want you to stay calm and grow but responsibilities stay piling up.

You feel the urgent need to make an impact.

You wake up daily praying for a miracle.

You can’t afford to take further risks, not at this time.

It is enough pain that you can’t be a blessing to them.

You don’t want to even attempt being a curse to the old couple.

You begin to overtly play safe.

You wake up every morning with the hope that life affords you more time to make an impact.

You wait and wait and wait and one day …


Horse Thing


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