Strangers In Bogobiri

Bogobiri House |

This Lagos Na Wa!
Don’t just bother yourself too much.
Try to stay low-key and maintain a decent profile.
Don’t worry when you are referred to as a recluse, it’s all good.
Stay indoors but if you ever feel too cold, visit Bogobiri.

Meeeehn, Bogobiri is hooooot, you might just drown in your own sweat. I guess that’s part of the entire artistic package.
You have got to be a very cool or chilled person to survive the heat.
Lest I forget, you need to stay woke if you must measure up.
My best experience in there has been their Chicken peri peri.

If you don’t like stress, just avoid their Thursday Open Mics except of course you are a V.I.P and seats have been marked RESERVED for you.
If you are claustrophobic, don’t even dare go close.
The guy at the door is just so diligent. Whether seats are available or not, he wants your 500 Naira in exchange for a miserable looking piece of paper called ‘ticket’.
Once you obtain the ‘ticket’, you are on your own.
You will struggle to find a seat even where there are empty seats.
Of course, the seats have all been RESERVED for those that matter.

If you manage to find an angle where you can hang, you will struggle to win the attention of the waiters.
If you don’t like wahala in this Lagos, just stay back at home and drink beer.
There are many overrated places in Lagos and Bogobiri won’t be the first or last.

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  1. Even our so called shoprite at ikeja, my worst experience dis season was wen I visited ZIGGIES at magodo ketu lagos….
    Dere swimming pool don turn to river, mhen it’s crazy

    • Hello Olaoye, did you take pictures of the ‘river’? Sorry about that sad experience.

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