Vacancies For Zombies

“Ask not what your country can do for you…”

Boy, be patient. You know there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.
If there are no jobs, create one.
The government is proud to say its graduates are not employable.
For them, it is a thing of joy and a palatable excuse.
For you, it simply means you need more training and education.

Just keep putting in work and effort.
There is nothing really to bother about.
If your government doesn’t support you in this life, they might in the next.
I know pensioners (dead and alive) have suffered in the past.
Don’t worry, the current government is stepping things up.

Dead people are now being appointed to key positions.
If this is happening in our time, you have every cause to stay hopeful.
Cemeteries might soon house Post Offices.
Employment letters might soon be dispatched to tombs.
Those who were not found employable in this life might be deemed fit in the next.

The exchange rate might not be so crazy in the spirit world.
There is possibly no such thing as inflation on the other side.
Goods right there might not be overpriced.
Transportation should not be an issue right there, everything celestial.
Power outage and estimated electricity bills would not be an issue there.

Stop hating. You have got to give the government credit for their ingenuity.
You have got to believe that it is never over until it is.
You have got to accept in principle that the government cares.
You have got to have faith in the system, knowing that tomorrow will be better no matter what happens today.

Just keep applying, you never know.

Horse Thing


  1. Nice!! Your article, I mean. Of course, all the details of the story is nauseating. Especially, the dead men working.

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