The Race To The Altar

One cold morning, you open your calendar.

Few minutes after looking through, you look dejected.

You instantly make a resolution; a firm one at that.

It is this year or never! You swear to locate your blessing.

You are worried that the pressure might get more intense.

You can’t even stare at your biological clock anymore.

The batteries are weak.

Pressure from parents, peers, and society at large. You worry even more.

Everyone who walks by begins to look like the right person.

Soon, you forget all the goals you have set in the past.

You are ready to sacrifice any other dream for this one.

Not long after, you meet ‘Right’ but things begin to go left.

You see the signs but you choose to ignore.

You hear the warning signals but you pray, cast and bind.

Not even an army of demons can discourage you.

You pray harder than ever and begin to manage the situation.

One night, a proposal happens after emptying some bottles of liquor.

The flashes of phones and cameras capture the awesome moment.

Photos and videos are uploaded and they soon go viral.

‘Awws’ and ‘Couple Goals’ remarks fill your comment section.

Months after, friends and family gather to eat, drink and merry as you say ‘I do’.

Once the coolers and fridges get empty, everyone departs.

You get back home and almost immediately you realize it doesn’t feel organic.

A few weeks later, you are planning an exit strategy.

This time, you are left with no choice but to ‘plan’ alone.


Horse Thing

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