Nation In An Ambulance

The irony of life, the complexities.
Is it not funny that all I hear in this country is money?
But the poverty is the only thing growing
In the songs, on the lips of kids that just finished sucking mom’s breasts last week.
They want to Blow. But the bulbs in their heads are ice-cold.
Show them a book to read and they sell it to book a show.
No more dignity of labour.
because who wants to labour for a country that bears no fruit?
A society where the sword is mightier than the pen will die by the sword.
A perverted poor society. The poverty has eaten deep into our souls.

I look around and I want to puke, the filth chokes.
I am tired of talking about the Pastors.
I am tired of talking about the Imams.
I am tired of talking about the politicians.
I have become an anarchist.
I have become a pessimist.
I have become a sad person.
I have become Nigeria, full of potential but covered in darkness.

Because I see the truth through the smokescreens.
The truth is we are a ticking time bomb about to explode.
And I don’t mean ‘blowing’ like in your songs .
Yet we act like things will sort itself out somehow.
A country where all your wives to be are runs-girls.
A country where all your husbands to be are fraudsters.
Mothers sell their belongings to help their kids leave the country.
Then they attend all night and pray that their child is not enslaved in Libya and he should not drown in the Mediterrian before he makes it to a refugee camp.
When he gets there, he gets $2 per day to feed.
Then after two years, he becomes a second class citizen.
But then again , it is an improvement because in his so called home,
he is not even a citizen.

He is just a toilet seat for the big men to shit on.
He is just a prey for the SARS to pounce on.
She is just a sex toy for the lecturer to devour.
He is just slave for his boss to opress because the unemployment rate is sky high.
So she sends him away like Moses in a basket.
Hoping in a few years he will send her a basket of gifts.

The sad thing is people do not see how fucked up this is.
They take a football match more seriously than who heads them.
They treat it with no sense of seriousness or urgency.
Maybe we are waiting for us to start eating one another before we start seeing how serious this shit is.

Your friend died in an accident last week, and you blame the devil? You are the devil.
You chose retards to lead you. The retards have no idea how leadership should be and can’t even build quality roads
Your mum dies because the nurse treating her was poorly trained and you blame the devil? You are the devil.
You chose retards to lead you, the retards have no idea how to build a society that will train nurses and doctors.
We spend resources on drinks, music, sex and other forms of amusement that have little or no impact on our lives.
We choose to not give a fuck or simply take it lightly, while retards keep getting into positions to drive us into the ground everyday.
We are the devil we chase. We are the problem we complain about. We are employing JSS 1 biology students that barely know how to disect a lizard to lead a major brain surgery.
But Wizkid will attend Davido’s show and the country will want to fall apart.

We obviously need a brain.

Chuck Norris

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