Caught Up

It was just yesterday you told me of your plans to get married this year. I smiled at first, I thought this one was another ‘lamba but you meant it for reasons best known to you.

I asked if you had found someone and you said ‘NO’. “I can meet someone this year and get married to the person this year,” you said. That tore my heart into tiny bits. I still wonder why you led me on but did you really do that? Was I just being a fool and leading myself on?

I have known you for five or six years but you are choosing to marry a stranger you have not even met. Does my account balance have anything to do with this? Could it be that you never loved me enough? At this point, I don’t even mind being told the truth no matter how brutal it is.

I won’t act tough, I feel terribly hurt and I will tear up when I feel like it but someday I will stop hurting. I won’t stop wishing you well though. I really pray you don’t marry a one season wonder. I really hope you find true happiness after bowing to societal pressure.

But last-last, everybody go dey alright!

Horse Thing

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