Ganjaman’s eyes are always red but the dude doesn’t smoke or drink. As a matter of fact, he is a perfect teetotaller.

Ganjaman smiles all day but cries at night when he is home alone. Ganjaman lives in a society that marginalizes people like himself.

Ganjaman stays depressed but always wear a broad smile in public. When he locks his room, the pillow is his best friend. It soaks all his tears and sometimes dares to console him.

Ganjaman recently got married in what can only be described as a monumental societal wedding. His wife, an ex-beauty queen is that special trophy-wife you want to show the world.

Ganjaman still appears happy and bubbly in public but these days he actually cries more. But what could really be the problem?

Ganjaman loves men more than he loves women but he lives in a society that will crucify him if his truth is discovered.

Ganjaman has perfected the art of keeping up appearances but he is slowly losing his sanity.

Ganjaman’s marriage is just a few weeks old but already he is cheating on his wife with those handsome men his heart beats for.

Ganjaman is only married to a woman because the society demands that every successful young man of his age walks down the aisle.

Ganjaman’s marriage is all an alibi to divert attention away from his sexual orientation.

Unfortunately for the ex-beauty queen who recently became a Mrs. and is being envied by most of her peers, this dilemma when discovered might be the beginning of her end.

For Ganjaman, it is just the continuation of an already familiar sad tale.

Horse Thing

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