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Size 47 Ewoo!

Not had a sandal or palm slippers in a while.

I know I’m often broke but that’s not the only reason.

My shoe size is 47 or a massive 46 and I rarely find what fits in the market.

When I manage to find what fits, I am left with no choice but liking it.

I guess that explains the weird shape of some shoes I rock.

When I wear a shoe and it fits, I am just super excited before bothering to think whether it looks great or not.

This weekend, I set myself up.

I traveled with only a pair of corporate shoes. On my arrival, I needed to run a very important errand but I had already sworn not to wear the shoe I had already taken off.

Of course, none of the palm slippers I saw around could cover more than half of my feet.

I wore a bathroom slipper which wasn’t necessary my size but was the best option at the time as I headed off to the market.

Aside from the errand I had been sent on, I was determined to find a size 47 leather palm slipper in the market this time around.

At the first store I entered in Ikotun, I met a young lady who I guess should be about 13 years-old. I assumed she was an apprentice to the middle-aged man who was too busy with another customer to notice me.

The girl rushed to me in a bid to seal a transaction.

“What do you want?” she asked.


“Which size,” she asked.

“Size 47,” I responded while looking away.

What I heard next made me feel less a man.

“Size 47? Ewooo,” she screamed while retracing her steps.

I walked out of the store with collapsed shoulders.

I arrived at the next shop about 10 mins later with the hope of a better fortune.

But I started thinking it was a jinxed evening when a young boy about the other girl’s age walked up to me this time.

“I want palm but my leg big o,” I warned this time around.

“We get big palm, which size you want?” he inquired?

“47,” I said while trying to intimidate him with a frown.

“Ewooooo,” he screamed without caring if I was frowning or not.

I went berserk and as I stormed out, I began to feel like I was handicapped.

Disappointed, I looked down but all I could see was my dusty feet which were barely covered by the bathroom slippers I wore out.

I knew what to do this time around.

I walked into the next store and without stating my size, I started trying out random palm slippers. Eventually, I forced my feet into a size 45.

Though uncomfortable, I found solace in the fact that half bread is better than puff-puff.

“No worry, your leg go expand am. E go expand!” the loud-voiced owner of Shop 3 insisted.

To save myself further embarrassment, I paid quickly and made my way out.

I thought I had escaped until I heard another deep voice.

“Make I help you put pin round,” the cobbler who stood in my front ordered.

“Which kind Lagos be this,” I thought aloud.

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  1. Kosi avatar

    Hahahahahaha. You need to see if carpenters can make one for you. It seems like that’s your only choice

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