Mummy’s Mastercard ❤

The scorching sun did not temper justice with mercy as I sat behind the Okada man while we rode in and out of potholes which came in various shapes and sizes.

I was rushing home to have my bath, dress up and rush out for an appointment which I was already running late for.

Not long after, my cousin almost drove past us and then stopped. The bike stopped too. She started telling me about a bank account she wanted me to open. I promised her that we will discuss that in details later.

As soon as the bike was in motion again, the bike-man had a story to share with me. He asked me if the lady who just drove past was willing to help me fund the account she wanted me to open.

Before I could answer his question, he was only telling me how he often paid money into his bank account even without having access to his debit card.

“I give my mama my MasterCard. I no even mind if dem withdraw all the money wey I pay in.”

“I no fit pay dem finish for wetin dem don do for me. I love my mama o”.

I didn’t want to participate in his monologue but I just had to.

“How you take dey survive without your MasterCard?”I asked.

“Any money wey I get for my pocket. If e finish, I go my parents’ house to collect some money if e still remain. I love that woman, I love my mama o,” he explained.

The bike stopped and only then did I realize I had gotten home. Apparently, I had been enjoying the gist the entire time without knowing it.

As I opened the gate, it dawned on me that generosity has nothing to do with how much you have but actually has everything to do with selflessness and understanding what really matters.

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