Pay Your Taxes

Hey, where you dey run go?

Don’t think of what your country can do for you.

Think of what you can do for your country and more.

Ensure you are patriotic like our heroes past.

Last last, everything go dey alright!

Education is not free but ignorance is expensive.

If you work hard, you will excel.

We can’t help you with a job.

Have you forgotten Nigerian graduates are not employable?

We can’t equip hospitals and pay doctors.

Why should we be bothered about facilities we don’t use?

There is really no need to fix Lagos-Ore road or any road for that matter.

Have you forgotten our helicopters and airplanes are still in good shape?

We can tar the roads to our houses, the highways will be fixed later.

Do you really want constant electricity, who will then buy the generators?

Some of you already have small, medium and big generator sets.

We guess you all can afford an inverter too.

You want constant electricity so you won’t buy a lot of fuel?

A resource we even have in abundance.

You think the price of petrol is exorbitant? It’s still cheaper than a bottle of beer.

You all complain too much. You all are fantastically corrupt.

You all don’t deserve the best things in life.

You guys don’t even pay tax.

Have you all forgotten it is your civic responsibility to pay taxes?

Is it not obvious we need funds for our re-election campaign?

Won’t you all pay for the fresh air you breathe?

Are you guys not proud to come from the motherland?

Don’t you all know we are the giants of Africa?

Na we win Atlanta ’96 trophy, C’mon, pay your tax.

Everything must be taxable, pay up!

Pay up or else, we will publish the names of debtors and defaulters on national dailies.

Pay your tax and we will turn Nigeria into heaven.

Just pay up and the minimum wage will rise like dough.


Horse Thing

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