Love: A Girl’s Throne

I cut my heart out and gave it to her.
Took off my thinking cap when I’m with her.
You know love is always fighting with logic.
So reluctantly, I let love do its magic.
I took a lot of sh*t, she used to get me pissed.
Somehow I swallowed it, swallowed the bitter pills.
How couldn’t I? I was seriously love sick.
Have you not ever felt the way I did?
I did sh*t I never thought I ever would.
Broke my will severally almost at her will.
How can one girl have all this power?
I thought to myself while listening to Kanye West.
With my headphones plugged, trying to cool off from one heated argument.
I still don’t know the cause.
But in the end, I’m the one that’ll be at fault.
Forced to fight my instinct and quarrel with my gut.
To apologize when I’m not even sure I’m wrong.
But that’s the way this love thing seems to work.
The girls are always right and the guys are always wrong

Chuck Norris

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