Money separating bones from flesh.
Husbands and wives let all hell breaks loose.
Forgetting their kids, make them park abeg!
They are fighting for what to pack first.
50/50. Nothing more, nothing less.
The love we thought they had?
Well it’s gone, so money next.

Brothers get rich and then buy canes.
They whip their brothers to submission ‘cos they ride nice whips.
They make their brothers beg them before they throw them bits.
They’ll rather give them fish than teach them how to fish.
They want to be the sun where everyone orbits.
They love the attention, they are addicts.
Money f*cked up their brains, they don’t care again.

Others just wait for their Pops to die.
Then let the money hypnotize their minds.
They start fighting and scratching for who takes control.
Relationship is torn, shreds are burnt, no care at all.
Money first, blood ain’t cheap.
So they fight for who gets the biggest sheep.
“I am the first son”, one of them screams.
The other screaming “na now you wan answer senior, abi?”

“But where were you when I was paying Dad’s bills?
“While you rode around in your brand new Jeep.
“Now he’s dead and you want to inherit his wealth.
“Motherfucker, you’ll have to kill me first
“Greedy baboon, you don see monkey to oppress?
“Because you get small money, you dey show yourself.
“I dare you, I double dare you sef.
“You ain’t taking anything, everything will be shared.

These are brothers talking, I just shake my head.
Their Dad just passed on, but no pain I guess.
‘Cos the money made them so high it killed their nerves.
So all they see is the money, no one else is there.

Chuck Norris

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