DM For Price

I just want to buy and go.
You just want to cash out.
I ask you for the price in the comment section.
You respond shortly after.
But you want me to send a Direct Message to enquire about the price.

Is your business a secret cult of some sort?
What’s so sacred about the price of your goods?
Why can’t you just respond via the comment section?
Now, you are going through my Instagram pics.
You mistakenly like a few.

Why are you trying to size me up?
You want to fix a ‘suitable’ price based on how you perceive me?
I think that’s fraud.
Or could it be a business model?
What if my social media personality is just a big facade?

Should I take you serious if your favourite hashtag is #DMForPrice?
Internet hooligans stay messing up my timeline.
Sell and go, this is not Aswani market.
Could it be my poverty speaking?
Am I just a bitter person after-all?

Horse Thing

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