Musings of the boy next door

Recovery Mode

Good health is underrated and so are a lot of things in life.
One minute, it’s all going smoothly and the next minute, it’s rock bottom.
In a bid to put the next man down, you both end up in the mud.
This moment, you are king. In a short while you could be the slave.

How do we unlearn falsehoods we thought standards?
Can we be humble enough to learn without losing self-confidence?
How do we deal with targeted attempts at making us feel less of ourselves?
Too many unanswered questions?

It’s time to hit the reset button.
It’s time to accept failures and understand those as a way of life.
It’s time to act the fool and listen more.
It’s time to put in more effort and in a smart way too.

But what can one really do without a solid foundation?
How far can one walk with a bad spine?
The support system needs to be sorted out.
It could be that amazing friend, that babe, that podcast, that cool dude.

Sometimes, all you need is love to keep you going.
Try getting closer to people who inspire you.
If you get rejected, apply elsewhere.
You need good people around you to succeed.

This isn’t life’s manual.
This isn’t manna.
This is common sense speaking.
I hope you pick something off this.

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