Block Us

Be kind to those you meet on your way up, you will meet them on your way down.
How many times have you heard that? But somehow you always manage to harden your heart.
But really, how tough is it to be nice?
You make so many enemies and now you are the enemy.

How did a delegated saviour turn satan?
You would rather oppress than assist?
It is so clear that your end is near.
You should save me from robbers but now you rob me.

Your confidence is shocking and you are always quick to judge.
Because my glasses are tinted and my Benz is white, you label me a criminal.
My dreadlocks make me an internet fraudster?
No investigations but you beat me to a pulp.

You ought to save me from ‘One Chance’ buses.
Well, you now operate ‘One Chance’ buses.
It’s so scary because I fear your bosses endorse this.
The masses stay counting their losses.

We are just out to earn a living of course.
But at every opportunity, you accost us.
Before we say ‘feem’, you block, harass, embarrass and arrest us.
Sadly, you stay tainting the name of an entire Force.

Horse Thing

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