Fendi Fendi Fendi

Can’t you hear the blaring sirens?
That’s the fashion police coming for you.
Where I come from, everyone knows if it is fake or authe.
Everyone knows the price, even those who own nothing.

No salary for the fashion police.
No gratuities, no pensions but they work the hardest.
They know authentic Fendi but can’t fend for themselves.
When the shirt is fake, we blame it on the stylist.

To be safe these days, just order plain shirts.
No inscriptions, no worries.
Before you get underrated, keep it simple on a daily basis.
Keep your looks basic and stay extraordinary.

Too many depressed people looking for who to take out their frustrations on.
Black t-shirts, same jeans, same shoes? Don’t be bothered.
Stay neat, stay simple, stay real.
Everything else will soon follow.

Remember, everything else will soon follow.

Horse Thing

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